Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Yule, December is a month filled with tradition and festivities. One common gift in recent years is that of tablets and e-readers, and what better way to break in those new devices than with some books? Therefore I hope you enjoy this holiday present from… Continue reading Happy Holidays!

On being an author, raising prices and paying myself

Obligatory Pet Photo - Don't let Your Feathers Get Ruffled

If anybody actually tracks my prices, they’ll note that today everything jumped by several dollars per piece. I can hear the gasps of “Why would you do that?” already. The answer is simple. I realized that, as a whole, I was undervaluaing my work. This is detrimental to me, and also to other authors both… Continue reading On being an author, raising prices and paying myself

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, congratulations to all of the recent grads and here’s to hoping everybody has a great start to summer! To help you get the summer started (and to help fill up all the gadgets received by recent grads) I’ve got The Vampire Hunter Chronicles set to be FREE on Saturday May 26th!… Continue reading Happy Holiday Weekend!

Coming Soon(ish) – Dark System

Coming soonish is the first book in the Dark System Trilogy, Hallan. Dark System is a  sci-fi/horror story focusing on the three worlds of the Meridia system. When strange events start occurring on each of the worlds it is up to the residents to determine the cause. Below is a teaser and for more teasers, sneak peeks… Continue reading Coming Soon(ish) – Dark System