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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Yule, December is a month filled with tradition and festivities. One common gift in recent years is that of tablets and e-readers, and what better way to break in those new devices than with some books? Therefore I hope you enjoy this holiday present from me to you, limited time free copies of my ebooks from Amazon and Smashwords. Buy now, the free offers end December 28th, 2015! Happy Reading!   The Vampire Hunter Chronicles In the dystopian future, the protection of mankind is in the hands of one of our most feared predators. Karina is a vampire hunter, part of an elite squad charged with protecting the public from the most dangerous of enemies. She is also a vampire, forced to hunt her own kind. For two-hundred years she has walked the night, searching for the one who created her. Can she both defend our world and find the love that was taken from her? In order to get your free copy of The Vampire Hunter Chronicles you will need to purchase through Smashwords and use coupon code: VB87A (not case-sensitive) Click here to buy   Dark System: Hallan In the year 2568 humans have started to settle in the newly colonized Meridia System. The three habitable planets have been long abandoned by the previous inhabitants of the system. Little do the humans know that the prior inhabitants left for a reason. Welcome to Hallan, the striking lavender waters and…

On being an author, raising prices and paying myself

If anybody actually tracks my prices, they'll note that today everything jumped by several dollars per piece. I can hear the gasps of "Why would you do that?" already. The answer is simple. I realized that, as a whole, I was undervaluaing my work. This is detrimental to me, and also to other authors both existing and who want to enter the space. I know I might lose sales from it. Then again, maybe not. Some Perspective Let's look at the bottom of the stack. Cimmerian Sunset jumped to a whopping, wait for it, $2.99. Some will say that at 12,000 words the price is a bit steep given today's glut of free and 99 cent ebooks of similar length. I'm going to go out on a limb, and say that it's still extremely affordable, even inexpensive. Why? Think about it. If you walk into a coffee shop you're going to easily pay that much for a cup of plain coffee, no frothing, no espresso. That coffee will last for about half an hour. However, since the average adult reads at 250 words per minute, you can expect that Cimmerian Sunset will take about 45 minutes to read. You've already had an extra 15 minutes of enjoyment. But the coffee is a physical product with expenses such as materials and labor costs, an ebook has unlimited copies without the expense! Not really. There are expenses involved, even for people like me who do everything themselves. Sure that cup of coffee has a…

Random Sale & Some Random Ramblings

One day I really will get into the habit of blogging on a regular basis. I mean part of my JOB DESCRIPTION is blogging for clients so I don't understand why my brain just seems to melt when it comes to blogging for myself. Ok, now the part you probably all want to know... "What's this about a sale?" Yes, I got kinda in a 'want to have a sale' mood, so I'm having one. Through April 30th all of my books are only 99 cents for the e-book versions. Rather than make you scroll, here are the links: On Amazon: The Vampire Hunter Chronicles - Torn - Dark System: Hallan - On Smashwords: The Vampire Hunter Chronicles - The others are coming to Smashwords, I'm just being slow about it. In Other News... Dark System - Editing on the second book in the Dark System Trilogy, Elios, is slowly happening. It will be released at some point so just hang in there. I had some computer issues at the start of the year and despite having a new machine for almost 2 months now I haven't quite got my groove back. I'm still now sure how well this thing will render when it comes time to make the cover. Fright - I thought long and hard about this, I mean the story has been free here for probably 8 years. However, I think that it's not getting the exposure I'd like languishing in the short story section. So my plans are to take…

Dark System Hallan – Character Profile: Beth Jenkins

The only female on the team, Beth Jenkins is a vivacious blond who has a passion for the marine biology of alien planets. Born in the Kilrathian System she immigrated to Hallan when it was first opened and works studying the marine life as part of her duties with the Planetary Sciences Division. Much like the water she loves so much (she even mentions throughout that she can't wait for the beaches to be reopened so she can go for a swim) she is fluid, gently accepting and adapting to any situation.

Dark System: Hallan – Character Profile: Stan Harris

Next up in the series of character profiles from Dark System: Hallan is Stan Harris. Stan Harris Stan is a cop through and through. Assigned to the investigative team after drawing the short straw in his department, he makes it evident from the outset that he feels his presence in the unit is a waste of time and resources. However, he is a man who prides himself on fulfilling his duty so despite his protests he does attempt to find a cause for the disappearances. Stan's abrasive demeanor makes him nearly impossible for the other members of the team to work with. However his skills as an investigator are a required element so his presence is tolerated.

Hallan Character Profile: Ed Wallace

As part of the ramp up to the release of Dark System: Hallan I'm going to share some character profiles. We'll start off today with a man named Ed Wallace. Ed Wallace Ed is a physicist working out of the city of Megar. As part of the investigative team it is his job to look for natural phenomena that could have caused the disappearances. Looking very much the part, he has wild hair and a slender frame and is more suited to working in the lab than the lush beaches of Hallan. Ed has another reason for joining the team however. His fiance, Sandra, is among the missing, and his goal is to make sense of the disappearances. Ed has a deep seated guilt surrounding events that lead to her presence on the beach that day, as he feels that a choice he made caused her to be there.  

Teaser of Dark System: Hallan

As editing progresses I thought I'd share more information about the first book in the Dark System Trilogy. Enjoy! And don't forget to sign up for my mailing list to for more insights, or to know immediately when books go on sale and more. The exotic beaches of Hallan are a tourist paradise. Cobalt sands mingle with lavender waters while three moons hang in the sky overhead. However those beaches have been closed for a full Earth year after the disappearance of hundreds of beach-goers in a single day.   Eight people arrive at the scenic Paradise Cove. Their purpose is to determine what happened to cause so many people to disappear, and to determine if the beaches are safe to be reopened to the public. However the mission takes on a new dimension when the missing suddenly reappear.   Jubilation turns to unease as a rash of violence overtakes Hallan, and it is up to the team to determine the cause.

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, congratulations to all of the recent grads and here's to hoping everybody has a great start to summer! To help you get the summer started (and to help fill up all the gadgets received by recent grads) I've got The Vampire Hunter Chronicles set to be FREE on Saturday May 26th! Get this highly rated book and get a head start on your summer reading list. Grab it here: Happy Reading!

Coming Soon(ish) – Dark System

Coming soonish is the first book in the Dark System Trilogy, Hallan. Dark System is a  sci-fi/horror story focusing on the three worlds of the Meridia system. When strange events start occurring on each of the worlds it is up to the residents to determine the cause. Below is a teaser and for more teasers, sneak peeks and more please sign up for my mailing list in the sidebar. After centuries of trying, humans finally achieved the capability of interstellar travel in the year 2491. Having already colonized the habitable bodies of our home planetary system they raced into the cosmos, searching for more worlds to colonize to support the rapidly expanding populations.   In 2658 they discovered the Meridia system, and its three inhabitable planets. The entire system had been abandoned more than a thousand years prior, leaving the planets open for human colonization.   Hallan, with its cobalt colored sands and lavender skies and water, was an exotic paradise that drew in tourists and residents alike.   Elios with its lush greenery and skies of blue reminded residents of the homeworld of the human race, and was immensely popular due to the similar conditions and proximity to the tourist world.   Corinth was a massive world, perpetually dark as the thick red clouds blocked the sunlight from the blackened surface. However it was loved by those who chose to call the planet home.   The Meridia system held its secrets however. The previous inhabitants had abandoned the system for a reason. Now…

Another FREE Day for the Vampire Hunter Chronicles

 Missed your chance to grab The Vampire Hunter Chronicles for FREE last time? Well today you have another shot. Today, May 15th 2012 the Vampire Hunter Chronicles is free again. Grab it now and don't miss out! The Vampire Hunter Chronicles While you're here, take a moment to ensure you never miss out on another free day, important blog post or new release. Sign up for my mailing list in the sidebar. Finally, don't forget to spread the word and gets your friends in on the free book action. Use the buttons below the post to share to several social networks! Once you're done reading please take a moment to leave a review on either amazon or goodreads. Muah! <3