Random Sale & Some Random Ramblings

One day I really will get into the habit of blogging on a regular basis. I mean part of my JOB DESCRIPTION is blogging for clients so I don’t understand why my brain just seems to melt when it comes to blogging for myself.

Ok, now the part you probably all want to know… “What’s this about a sale?”

Yes, I got kinda in a ‘want to have a sale’ mood, so I’m having one. Through April 30th all of my books are only 99 cents for the e-book versions. Rather than make you scroll, here are the links:

On Amazon:

On Smashwords:

The Vampire Hunter Chronicles – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/239540

The others are coming to Smashwords, I’m just being slow about it.

In Other News…

Dark System – Editing on the second book in the Dark System Trilogy, Elios, is slowly happening. It will be released at some point so just hang in there. I had some computer issues at the start of the year and despite having a new machine for almost 2 months now I haven’t quite got my groove back. I’m still now sure how well this thing will render when it comes time to make the cover.

Fright – I thought long and hard about this, I mean the story has been free here for probably 8 years. However, I think that it’s not getting the exposure I’d like languishing in the short story section. So my plans are to take that over the next couple days, quick typo check it, slap an easy cover on it and upload to Amazon and Smashwords for free. In the meanwhile, it’s hanging out over in short stories if you want a read.

Works in progress and other – My big project right now is still the Fractured World series. I’m debating whether I should risk querying with what I have (which I am happy with by the way) or try to meet industry standards for the genre and rewrite to add another 20K or so words to Book 1. I’m hoping that my brain figures it out soon. In the meanwhile book 3 is drafted, a good chunk of book 4 is residing on my Alphasmart, and book 2 needs some tweakingis going slowlyting.

The Tower still keeps bugging me from the depths of my brain, and I know there are a few of you who want to see more in that WIP so keep heart I will come back to it.


What’s with the friggin weather? 70+ degrees yesterday, snowing today, same story as last week. Aaah winter in New Mexico.

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