Teaser of Dark System: Hallan

As editing progresses I thought I’d share more information about the first book in the Dark System Trilogy. Enjoy! And don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list to for more insights, or to know immediately when books go on sale and more.

The exotic beaches of Hallan are a tourist paradise. Cobalt sands mingle with lavender waters while three moons hang in the sky overhead. However those beaches have been closed for a full Earth year after the disappearance of hundreds of beach-goers in a single day.


Eight people arrive at the scenic Paradise Cove. Their purpose is to determine what happened to cause so many people to disappear, and to determine if the beaches are safe to be reopened to the public. However the mission takes on a new dimension when the missing suddenly reappear.


Jubilation turns to unease as a rash of violence overtakes Hallan, and it is up to the team to determine the cause.

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