Coming Soon(ish) – Dark System

Coming soonish is the first book in the Dark System Trilogy, Hallan.

Dark System is a  sci-fi/horror story focusing on the three worlds of the Meridia system. When strange events start occurring on each of the worlds it is up to the residents to determine the cause.

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After centuries of trying, humans finally achieved the capability of interstellar travel in the year 2491. Having already colonized the habitable bodies of our home planetary system they raced into the cosmos, searching for more worlds to colonize to support the rapidly expanding populations.


In 2658 they discovered the Meridia system, and its three inhabitable planets. The entire system had been abandoned more than a thousand years prior, leaving the planets open for human colonization.


Hallan, with its cobalt colored sands and lavender skies and water, was an exotic paradise that drew in tourists and residents alike.


Elios with its lush greenery and skies of blue reminded residents of the homeworld of the human race, and was immensely popular due to the similar conditions and proximity to the tourist world.


Corinth was a massive world, perpetually dark as the thick red clouds blocked the sunlight from the blackened surface. However it was loved by those who chose to call the planet home.


The Meridia system held its secrets however. The previous inhabitants had abandoned the system for a reason. Now it is up to the colonists to discover the cause of the strange occurrences plaguing the planets. As they fight for survival they learn the reason that the original inhabitants of the Meridia system abandoned their home world.


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