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Random Sale & Some Random Ramblings

One day I really will get into the habit of blogging on a regular basis. I mean part of my JOB DESCRIPTION is blogging for clients so I don't understand why my brain just seems to melt when it comes to blogging for myself. Ok, now the part you probably all want to know... "What's this about a sale?" Yes, I got kinda in a 'want to have a sale' mood, so I'm having one. Through April 30th all of my books are only 99 cents for the e-book versions. Rather than make you scroll, here are the links: On Amazon: The Vampire Hunter Chronicles - Torn - Dark System: Hallan - On Smashwords: The Vampire Hunter Chronicles - The others are coming to Smashwords, I'm just being slow about it. In Other News... Dark System - Editing on the second book in the Dark System Trilogy, Elios, is slowly happening. It will be released at some point so just hang in there. I had some computer issues at the start of the year and despite having a new machine for almost 2 months now I haven't quite got my groove back. I'm still now sure how well this thing will render when it comes time to make the cover. Fright - I thought long and hard about this, I mean the story has been free here for probably 8 years. However, I think that it's not getting the exposure I'd like languishing in the short story section. So my plans are to take…

Death, Bereavement and the Digital Graveyard

I woke up this morning to see a slew of thoughts and condolences on one of my social networks. A young woman had passed unexpectedly a few days ago, leaving a husband and young children to mourn her sudden demise. The woman's online friends, a group of people spanning the world, were notified this morning when her still grieving husband logged on to her social accounts to let people that she had never even met face to face know of the loss. One of the things said by the husband was that he planned to leave her accounts open, because it's what she would have wanted. It is a truth facing those of the digital age. Our circle of friends is no longer limited by those people we have met face to face. Our only connection to some of our closest friends is established through use of mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, MMO games and online worlds. There are even friendships going back to the days of BBS and modems. I've cheered for friends who have gotten married and had children, and yet have never heard their voice. I have only seen their words online. Today we are connected in ways that our forefathers could never have imagined. However, these connections also come with a price. Namely, how do we as a species grieve when there is only a digital totem to honor the departed. Sure, there are physical sites to be visited, but how many really have the…

Dark System Hallan – Character Profile: Beth Jenkins

The only female on the team, Beth Jenkins is a vivacious blond who has a passion for the marine biology of alien planets. Born in the Kilrathian System she immigrated to Hallan when it was first opened and works studying the marine life as part of her duties with the Planetary Sciences Division. Much like the water she loves so much (she even mentions throughout that she can't wait for the beaches to be reopened so she can go for a swim) she is fluid, gently accepting and adapting to any situation.

Dark System: Hallan – Character Profile: Stan Harris

Next up in the series of character profiles from Dark System: Hallan is Stan Harris. Stan Harris Stan is a cop through and through. Assigned to the investigative team after drawing the short straw in his department, he makes it evident from the outset that he feels his presence in the unit is a waste of time and resources. However, he is a man who prides himself on fulfilling his duty so despite his protests he does attempt to find a cause for the disappearances. Stan's abrasive demeanor makes him nearly impossible for the other members of the team to work with. However his skills as an investigator are a required element so his presence is tolerated.

Dear web designers…

There is something that a good percentage of you still insist on doing, and whether you know it or not you ARE driving away visitors and potential customers as you are actually causing them physical pain in your web design. I'm talking about the dreaded white text/dark background. I used to think it was just me, that I was the only one who would get such severe eyestrain after looking at a site with light text on a dark background that I didn't say anything. However over the years I have seen enough other people complain of the same issues with these types of sites that I'm lead to believe that it's more common than thought. Here are a few things to think of when you wonder why this color scheme might not be the best choice. Probably 75% of the time, if I see white on black (as opposed to black on white) I'm backing out of the webpage... Immediately, without reading a single word. I know once I get started I am introducing the possibility for pain. If I DO stay (you better have some compelling content to make it this far) the next thing I do is look at the font size. Most of the time you have failed me as a user on multiple levels by not only doing the dreaded white on black... but by using microscopic font as well. Text zoom to the rescue if I want to stick around after a paragraph or…

New in the Short Stories Section: Prisoner in a Broken World

Just posted to the short stories section of the site is an oldie but goodie named Prisoner in a Broken World. An unnamed protagonist finds him or herself in the darkened ruins of a space castle. Lights do not work and nobody is to be found. As s/he wanders, searching for the answer as to what happened s/he questions more and more until the truth is revealed in it's true horror. Read more at

The Vampire Hunter Chronicles is FREE today June 15th, 2012

 Missed your chance to grab The Vampire Hunter Chronicles for FREE last time? Well today you have another shot. Today,June 15th 2012 the Vampire Hunter Chronicles is free again. Grab it now and don't miss out! The Vampire Hunter Chronicles While you're here, take a moment to ensure you never miss out on another free day, important blog post or new release. Sign up for my mailing list in the sidebar. Finally, don't forget to spread the word and gets your friends in on the free book action. Use the buttons below the post to share to several social networks! Once you're done reading please take a moment to leave a review on either amazon or goodreads. Muah! <3

Hallan Character Profile: Ed Wallace

As part of the ramp up to the release of Dark System: Hallan I'm going to share some character profiles. We'll start off today with a man named Ed Wallace. Ed Wallace Ed is a physicist working out of the city of Megar. As part of the investigative team it is his job to look for natural phenomena that could have caused the disappearances. Looking very much the part, he has wild hair and a slender frame and is more suited to working in the lab than the lush beaches of Hallan. Ed has another reason for joining the team however. His fiance, Sandra, is among the missing, and his goal is to make sense of the disappearances. Ed has a deep seated guilt surrounding events that lead to her presence on the beach that day, as he feels that a choice he made caused her to be there.  

Teaser of Dark System: Hallan

As editing progresses I thought I'd share more information about the first book in the Dark System Trilogy. Enjoy! And don't forget to sign up for my mailing list to for more insights, or to know immediately when books go on sale and more. The exotic beaches of Hallan are a tourist paradise. Cobalt sands mingle with lavender waters while three moons hang in the sky overhead. However those beaches have been closed for a full Earth year after the disappearance of hundreds of beach-goers in a single day.   Eight people arrive at the scenic Paradise Cove. Their purpose is to determine what happened to cause so many people to disappear, and to determine if the beaches are safe to be reopened to the public. However the mission takes on a new dimension when the missing suddenly reappear.   Jubilation turns to unease as a rash of violence overtakes Hallan, and it is up to the team to determine the cause.