The Vampire Hunter Chronicles – Now on Kindle

In September of 2007 I wrote a serial novel named The Vampire Hunter Chronicles. It sat for the past 4.5 years, until I decided that it was time to clean up the manuscript.

Now, after all this time the manuscript has been edited and is available for your Kindle. For a limited time pick up this novel for a mere $0.99. You can get the first five and a half chapters as a sample for your kindle reading device if you want a preview before purchase, and for amazon prime members the book is in the Kindle lending library.

Get your copy here


In the dystopian future, the protection of mankind is in the hands of one of our most feared predators.

Karina is a vampire hunter, part of an elite squad charged with protecting the public from the most dangerous of enemies. She is also a vampire, forced to hunt her own kind.

For two-hundred years she has walked the night, searching for the one who created her. Can she both defend our world and find the love that was taken from her?

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