Excuse Our Dust

PorcelianFINALSometime soon (hopefully this month) I plan to revamp the website. Got myself some pretty new themes, and I know it’s just in need of a makeover.

However, I’m wondering what YOU would like to see more of around here? I know I blog fairly sporadically as I generally don’t have much to say. I will make more an effort to post short stories in a timely manner, and (no promises) will try to get back to The Tower soon.

Other things I can do/talk about.

  • Santa Fe/ New Mexico
  • Food (cooking or ordering out)
  • Random stuff
  • or my favorite “Who needs to blog more than once a quarter anyway? Once a year is more like it!”

Also, I’m dabbling more in the graphic arts side of things. So don’t be surprised if more of those type of posts show up. Most of my art will still be at DreamsInDigitalArt.com but there are things that are starting to fall into professional level that I think should live here.

Anyway, if you’re so inclined leave a comment as to what you’d like more of.


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