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(Not-So) Secret Project

One thing I am often asked is the simple: "Can you teach me how to do that?" Usually it is in relation to something regarding the web or social media. For the longest time I was surprised every time this request came up. As somebody who has been immersed in the web for half my life it never occurred to me that the things I do on a daily basis are things that others might prefer guidance with. With my job being mainly in social media and maintaining web presences, the requests became even more focused: "How do I set up a Facebook Page?" "Do I need a website?" "How do I use Twitter?" I realized that to those who are not digital natives, or who have perhaps not used the web for business purposes there is a general sense that they need to do something but might not know what or even where to begin. I found an even greater need when talking to other authors in my area. Things I'd taken for granted, like my Amazon Author account, or using my status as a GoodReads author to run a giveaway, were areas in which there was even less guidance because they are more niche than traditional social media topics. As I probed I came to the conclusion that there were a number of issues that kept people from utilizing the full potential of the internet: The belief that one needs to be technically savvy or a geek to do many things…

Excuse Our Dust

Sometime soon (hopefully this month) I plan to revamp the website. Got myself some pretty new themes, and I know it's just in need of a makeover. However, I'm wondering what YOU would like to see more of around here? I know I blog fairly sporadically as I generally don't have much to say. I will make more an effort to post short stories in a timely manner, and (no promises) will try to get back to The Tower soon. Other things I can do/talk about. Santa Fe/ New Mexico Food (cooking or ordering out) Random stuff or my favorite "Who needs to blog more than once a quarter anyway? Once a year is more like it!" Also, I'm dabbling more in the graphic arts side of things. So don't be surprised if more of those type of posts show up. Most of my art will still be at but there are things that are starting to fall into professional level that I think should live here. Anyway, if you're so inclined leave a comment as to what you'd like more of. Ta!

Website Overhaul

So you might have noticed (or maybe not) that the site is kinda half finished. You know this only means one thing. Yep, site reconstruction. You can still reach everything, it's just a bit harder to get to until I finish setting up. In the meanwhile please use the links on the front page sidebar to follow me on social media sites around the web and to sign up for my mailing list. Finally, The Vampire Hunter Chronicles will be FREE again on Tuesday May 15th, so if you have't picked it up, now is the time. Muah <3

Trying another POD Service

There's a new Print on Demand service for t-shirts (etc) about, and I decided that there was no harm in giving it a try. So while I currently have no plans to close the cafepress extension of Phoenixwaller Designs, I am also opening a Printfection version of the store. Many of the same designs will be available in both stores, but since each has its own unique offerings I suggest that you check out both stores. Phoenixwaller Designs (at cafepress) Phoenixwaller Designs (at printfection)