Diary of a Female Assassin

Diary of a female assassin

By: Phoenix

Entry #1:

My first assignment as an assassin, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being a little nervous. Luckily, it appears that this will be an easy assignment. Most of the research was already completed before the task fell to the elimination department. The target package included everything that I could have asked for, and more. From the data that I was given I have my choice of a number of methods of elimination.

My target for this first assignment is a Mr. A. He is a prominent businessman and owns a software company that makes security software for government applications. Lately it was discovered that he was engaged in private discussions to sell this software to out of country buyers. Other departments within our organization were informed, and Mr. A. was warned against following through with the deal. Instead of heeding the warnings he has decided to push the deal. He plans to leave on a business trip in two weeks. He has planned secret meetings to close the software sale deal there. We have been informed that this cannot happen.

That is where I come in. My superiors have given me one and a half weeks to complete my task. If I cannot, or fail, an experienced assassin will be given the job. This assignment is a test; if I do not complete it then I will have failed as an assassin.

I do not foresee any problems. I have his medical history, his schedule, even a personality profile. The only constraint on my action is that only him and the buyers were aware of the impending sale. Not even his wife knew. So I have to make my move without arousing any suspicion. It must appear to be an accident, or random violence. About this I have no worries, I am already starting to form my plans.


I have made my move.

It is now early in the morning of New Year’s Day. I made my move last night at a party, and it couldn’t have gone better.

Mr. A. had a severe allergy to a common cosmetic ingredient. Because of a number of episodes where he had encountered the allergen the smallest amount could kill him. Because of the high level of anonymity at a party I decided to use this weakness to accomplish my task.

I arrived at the party after Mr. A. and his wife. I had observed them prior to them leaving for the party and knew which of them was carrying Mr. A’s emergency treatment. So the first thing that I did upon arrival was to sneak into the cloak room and remove the medicine from the wife’s evening bag. Then I waited to make my move.

As midnight approached I went to the ladies room to complete preparations. I reapplied a lipstick specially formulated with higher levels of the key ingredient, and a slight flavor. I also softened my hands with lotion also carrying the ingredient. Then I searched out my target.

Right before midnight I found him. Just before the countdown started I asked if I could have the first kiss of the New Year. The hand holding his champagne glass slipped around my midsection, signaling his willingness to honor my request.

The clock sounded midnight. We each took a sip of champagne and then his lips met mine. As he pulled back I let my hand rest upon his cheek and I observed him lick his lips to taste the flavor of the lipstick, just as I had intended. Then he was whisked away by another wanting a New Year’s kiss.

I was whisked in the other direction. But within minutes the revelry ended with the frantic cries of Mr. A’s wife. I watched in mock horror as she searched in vain for his emergency treatment. I watched in silence as the ambulance pulled away, without its lights on.

Only one detail was left, and that was accomplished on the way back. I stopped at the house formally occupied by Mr. A. and left his emergency treatment on his wife’s dressing table, right where she had assembled the contents of her evening bag. The tragic accident was complete.

… was declared deceased on Jan. 1 at Northview General Hospital. He leaves behind a wife and two young children.

The deceased was a prominent businessman who owned a software corporation. The business will be closed the day of his memorial so that employees may attend services.

Entry #2:

I am not pleased with this assignment. However, since I am the newest member of this department and therefore lowest ranked for wanted assignments, I got the job that nobody wants.

This is the type of assignment that nobody is comfortable with. This is a warning shot, we are not actually trying to kill the bad guy. We are warning him that he will suffer a unwanted fate if he does not change his ways. Unfortunately an innocent has to die to make this statement clear.

My target for this assignment likes to be called Candy. She is currently the favored mistress of a man I shall refer to as Mr. DD (short for Mr. Dastardly Deed). Mr. DD is doing something that somebody doesn’t like, and he has been warned in every other way to stop. Unfortunately I was not allowed all of the details of his transgressions.

My instructions are to kill Candy in such a way the Mr. DD knows that her death is a warning. Preferably he should see the manner of her death, he should also know that the evidence has been rigged to implicate him in her death should he fail to stop his transgressions.

Because of earlier warnings, we have quite a bit of data on MR. DD, all supplied by other departments within the organization. We even have a decent amount on Candy herself. Unfortunately, Mr. DD is notorious for altering his schedule so that it looks like he is doing one thing while he is actually doing another, and Candy has no set schedule at all. I need to figure out the truth of his schedule and then work events to my advantage.

I have one month to do this, and what would be considered an average budget. I have a lot of work to do so I better get started.


One week into this assignment and I see the perfect opportunity to accomplish my assignment.

Mr. DD has told Candy that he will be out of town next week for business meetings. In actuality he is meeting for business only the first day. The rest of the week he will be courting a new mistress.

His “business” is taking him to a city in which he owns a vacation house. This is where he plans to meet with the new mistress and a place that Candy has been to before. She will think nothing of being called upon to join him here so that he may have accompaniment at a reception taking place while he is there.

Now to really start utilizing my budget. For my plan to work I am going to need a disguise. This will probably be the most expensive part of this operation so I need to order it from the ‘special effects’ department . Then I need to wait for it to arrive so that I can implement my plan.


It is Wednesday, and my disguise was delivered this morning. I was beginning to worry, Mr. DD had been away for two days already, and I was losing time to implement this plan. With that in mind I set the plan into motion as soon as my disguise arrived.

I set out for my destination within an hour of receiving my supplies, wearing my disguise. Once my plane landed I bought a round trip ticket for candy for later that same day. Then I put one piece of equipment immediately to use. Using a voice encoder I called Candy and asked her to join me, as Mr. DD, at the reception being held that evening. I gave her the flight information, and she agreed to join me.

My next call was to the limousine service that was handling Mr. DD’s traveling needs while he was here. I informed them of the guest that would need picked up from the airport and delivered to his residence that afternoon.

Now it is time for me to make my way to Mr. DD’s vacation home. This will be very tricky because he has become just paranoid enough to install a security system with cameras inside the house. Since these are an internal security system, and not remotely monitored, the cameras will play right into my plan.


I managed to get into the house undetected.

I snuck into Mr. DD’s master suite. By my estimate I had about 20 minutes before he would be coming into this room with the new mistress. Looking around I saw what I was looking for, a bottle of wine with 2 glasses waiting for him. I took a small vial out of my bag and a cotton swab. I dipped the swab into the vial and then spread the sleeping drug onto the rims of the glasses. With that done I hid and waited, this was the only room in the house without cameras so I could wait until the drug had taken effect and then leave. If I left this room and returned to it and managed to escape again undetected it would look as if Mr. DD had done everything that I was about to do.

I heard the employees leaving. Even the man watching the security monitors would leave so that Mr. DD could be alone for his liaisons. A few minutes later both him and the new mistress entered the room. Mr. DD poured the wine and as they both drank I knew that it was almost time. As they drifted off to sleep I moved from my hiding spot and changed into my disguise. I gave the mistress another small dose of the sleep drug, to ensure that Mr. DD woke up first then I left the room. Candy was due any minute.

I went immediately to the security room and made sure that all of the cameras were recording. Seeing that they were I left and waited for Candy.

Candy arrived about ten minutes later, wearing a new dress that she had obviously bought for the evening. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and said that I wanted to share some wine with her on the patio by the pool. She immediately made her way to the patio doors as I called that I would be right there, I just needed to grab the wine and glasses.

On the way out I dropped, in plain view of the camera, a pill into one glass. Then I poured the wine and gave Candy the glass with the pill. As we sat and talked she became more and more sleepy, until she finally was asleep. I drug her body over to the pool and dumped it in, making sure that she was face down. I didn’t need to take that precaution, however, because the weight of her dress started dragging her down immediately.

I took the glass and bottle back to the kitchen and left them for the housekeeper to deal with. Then I “returned” the bottle of pills that I had used to drug Candy to a place far on the back shelf.

I returned to the security room and removed the most obvious tapes, easily “overlooking” some. Then I placed a small transmitter in the input feed of the camera lines so that a remote monitoring that I had set up could record the rest of the important details.

I then made my way back though the bedroom and off of the property.


From the remote pickup of the cameras we saw that Mr. DD did in fact wake up first, as planned. He found the body of Candy in the pool. He ran to the security room and saw that it appeared that he had committed the crime. He buried her himself, in a shallow grave on his property. We do not know if he will end his transgressions, but we have the evidence to implicate him in Candy’s Death if necessary.

…was reported missing three days ago by friends when they couldn’t reach her.

She had informed friends of an unexpected trip that she was taking but they had no other information, other than she had been gone far longer than expected. The investigation is proceeding but for now there are no new leads…

Entry #3:

I detest guns. I did not spend years as a spy and then invest years of training as an assassin to use the tools of cops and crooks.

My assignment this time was a simple one. Take out a sniveling weasel that had stuck his nose too far into somebody else’s business. While killing him I was to inform anybody that he had talked to that it was within their best interests to keep quiet about what they knew.

The sniveling weasel was a conspiracy theorist that had somehow managed to find work in the office of an important political figure. One day he happened to open the wrong piece of mail, and found out that one of theories was at least partially true.

We found out about the weasel because the sender of the mail contacted our politician. When they found out that the mail was missing, they stated asking questions. Our weasel had been the one to sign for the mail, and had since disappeared.

My job was now to find the weasel, track him to a convenient location and shut him up, permanently. The downside was that my superiors wanted to pin the death either to random violence or to one of the enemies of the weasel. My bosses want quick and easy, and they spelled it out in no uncertain terms that they want me to use a gun.


I found the weasel. He moved to a run down area outside the city limits. He lived in a small apartment alone. He had few furnishings and seemed to have spent most of his money on a small computer and laser printer setup that he was printing flyers on. The flyers advertised a meeting that was coming up, a meeting for fellow conspiracy theorists like him. It seemed that he was about to spill what he knew.

I made a note of the place and time of the meeting. It might make a good location to make my move.


I followed the weasel around for a few days and decided that the meeting would be optimal. It would allow me to accomplish both of my objectives without having to go out of my way to do them.

I went to the meeting location. It was a small basement of a corner building that the owner let out for private functions. This time it was free, since the owner thought along the same lines as the weasel.

I slipped into the basement the night before the meeting was to take place. I armed myself with only the micro-cameras and microphones that I was going to place to hear and see the meeting. I knew that I would have no trouble.

I placed the cameras and microphones around the room and made sure that they transmitted correctly to my equipment. Then I left, first noting the location of a small stage in relation to the small windows in the room.

I walked outside of the building, and around it. I was going to have to set up within a narrow radius to pick up the signal from my recording devices. Also I would have to be fairly low to get a correct angle for the shot.

I looked around and saw a short building that would do the job. I could get to the top by means of a fire escape that somebody had put on the side. It was also far enough away that I could get down and away again before somebody thought to look there.

I went home and prepared to finish this assignment.


I was set up on the rooftop a full hour before the first people started to arrive for the meeting. My equipment recorded every face that walked into the room. Somebody back at the office might appreciate that, or they might not. I didn’t care either way.

Finally, about five minutes before the meeting was to start my target walked in. I moved over to where my rifle was and checked everything one last time. It was ready, I just needed to wait for the proper time to take the shot.

The meeting started. Various people debated over different theories for over an hour. I spent a great deal of that hour trying not to laugh, either at how wrong they were or at how right they were. Then my target took the stage.

Their last debate had ended in laughter. The weasel had brought up a topic and it had seemed too absurd, even for people who made conspiracies their life. He turned red and then started talking about his job and that he had found proof for his theory. He started to talk very fast and I could see that he was about to name names. I took the shot.

The bullet entered through the window just as a car passed by. Even better. I watched the weasel drop to the floor. A moment of stunned silence filled the room. Then somebody screamed, it was a shrill sound coming from my equipment.

The scream ended and the floodgates opened. The whole room started moving towards the door. I could hear terrified wails and the sounds of pain as people tried to get through the bottleneck at the door. Within minutes the room was empty, except for the corpse of the weasel and one person who had been too terrified to move.

I packed up my equipment. I could hear sounds in the distance. The slight warbling told me that the police had been called. It was time for me to go.


My superiors were happy with the footage of the meeting that I got. They are keeping close tabs on the people who attended. Making sure that they either don’t talk or don’t know what was about to be said. So far it seems to be going good.

The media and the police have attributed the crime to a drive-by shooting. My superiors like the car, so do I. It was a lucky coincidence that it drove by when it did. I was too focused on timing to notice it turn onto the street.

Finally, one of the uppers in our organization dropped by to have a chat with our politician, and his friend who mails important secrets. They were told, in no uncertain terms, not to send secrets in that manner again. We might not be there to help them dispose of pests if they did.

Police were called last night to the scene of a drive-by shooting. Shots were fired into a basement from a car while the people inside were celebrating the birthday of one of the attendees. One person was killed in the shooting. Police have not yet made any arrests, and have no suspects at this time. The deceased…

Entry #4:

This new assignment is a strange one. It came up suddenly and we don’t have time to gather our own intelligence within our department. For this reason I am being paired with a spy from another department within our “group.” The other department had been gathering intelligence on the target and his doings for some time before the order came down to take him out.

My partner for this assignment has been deep undercover within the organization that the target runs. What he has discovered on his assignment is the reason for the swift action that we are taking now.

My target is a Mr. S. He runs an arms smuggling organization. He usually sticks to the small time stuff; guns, ammunition, maybe a little heavier. Lately, however, he has had some strange requests from his clientele. Some of his regular customers have started to ask for weapons with a little more “kick.” In short his clients are looking for what the media terms “weapons of mass destruction;” nuclear, chemical and biological.

For a long time Mr. S. was unable to fulfill the requests of these clients. That changed last week. Mr. S. found somebody willing to supply the requested arms. He then traveled to South America, where the supplier was hiding to inspect these arms. My partner went as well, as an inspector. The verdict, these weapons are real.

The supplier will only sell if Mr. S. is the buyer, nobody else in the smuggling outfit will do. That means that Mr. S. must be removed, before he travels back to South America to pick up his merchandise.

I have three days.


My partner, whom I shall refer to as D, tells me that Mr. S is very hard to gain access to. He knows very well the danger of what he is doing so he tries to keep a low profile. However, he does keep a legitimate front to his smuggling business. The front company imports finds from archeological sites abroad for scientific analysis in the United States. He usually lets the employees of the front company handle the details, but anything particularly difficult or dangerous he has to approve himself.

D has managed to become essential for both the front company and the smuggling operations. His backgrounds are in both archeology and weaponry. He initially was put in place in the company to investigate whether Mr. S’s front was selling some of the artifacts, but then he discovered the arms smuggling. Mr. S. decided that D’s talents could be put to good use there as well so he kept D on in both areas of the company.

The plan to gain access is to come up with a cover story good enough to gain access to D within the company, since he is the one other employees turn to when a particular job looks too dangerous for them to make a decision on. If he then needs further approval he turns the case over to Mr. S. personally. If my story can get me to D then he can get me in to see Mr. S.

My plan is to move in tomorrow.


I walked into the office of our poison’s control officer.

“Hey, Joe. I need a manicure, and a business card.”

“A combo job, huh? Ok, lets get the antidote in you first. You’ll need it for what I got in mind.”

Joe led me to his workroom, sat me down, and pulled a bottle from a shelf across the room. He partially filled a small syringe and them injected me with the antidote for the poison that I was going to use.

He told me to sit a few minutes while he gathered the supplies for what I had requested.

“Scent on the business card, Honey?” He asked.


“Standard alias?”


“Ok, they’re printing. We’ll do your nails, then they should be ready.”

“Won’t you still have to apply the compound?”

“No, new paper. Those guys down in the lab made a paper that I apply compound to first, then the heat from the printer sets the compound. Actually more efficient than the old way”

I made a noise signaling a positive reaction, then watched as he applied the fake nails over my own.

“You have a color in mind?”


“Ok. You know how these work right?”

“Yep. Slight pressure from the underside breaks the seal and the poison is released onto whatever surface caused the pressure.”

“Good girl.”

He finished applying the nails. Then handed me my business cards.

“Good Luck, Sweetie.” He said as I left.


I walked into the office of the front company wearing a conservative black dress. My story was perfect. Mountain ranges and neighboring countries that are experiencing a political upheaval are always considered dangerous. I was shuffled through the ranks of the company, and soon enough I was seated in D’s office. I ran though the story once more with him, just in case anyone was listening. It was all for show, he knew that I had to switch to buying weapons as soon as I saw Mr. S. He looked at the black dress as I was talking, wondering how it fit into my plan. I took out a piece of paper from my handbag and wrote one word on it. He looked at the word and a smile came upon his face, he saw my plan.

As I finished retelling the story about mountains and political upheavals D called his secretary. “Irene, I have a client here with a job that I think needs to be approved by the boss. Can you ring him and see if he can meet with her? Thanks, sweetie.”

We sat waiting and minutes later the secretary, Irene, poked her head in and said, “Take her on in. The boss can see you now.”

D showed me the way to Mr. S’s office. D recounted what I had told him, then Mr. S. asked him to leave.

“I haven’t heard anything about this dig that you are asking assistance for. In fact, I heard that the country stopped all digs in that region until the political crises has died down. What are you really here for?” Mr. S. asked.

“You are a very knowledgeable man Mr. S…. I am actually here for personal reasons. Last week my brother was killed for playing with the wrong group of people. His wife and two-month-old daughter were also killed. They were the only family that I had left. I want to eliminate those that caused me this sorrow. I heard that you sell weapons that cannot be traced, and that sounds like what I need.”

“Lady, it sounds more like you need a hit-man. I know a couple of good guys let me see what I can do for you.” Then he picked up the phone and started to dial.

I reached out and grabbed his wrist. My nails bit slightly into his skin.

“No. This is personal.” I said.

He put the phone down and smiled at me. “Ok, give me a few days and I’ll see what I can do for you.”

I took out one of my cards and handed it to him. “Here is the number that I can be reached at.”

He took the cards and looked it over, then stuck it into his pocket. I shook his hand to close the deal and then he escorted me to the door.


This morning I received a call. It was D. Mr. S. had been found dead in his apartment. Apparent cause of death was heart failure. The smuggling operation was already collapsing; Mr. S. was the only one who had known everything about the operation. The front company had been established as a corporation, so it now fell to the shareholders to decide what to do with it.

… was found dead in his apartment by his secretary after he did not show up for work.

The deceased was the founder and CEO of a local import company that specialized in archeological findings. The company imported the findings and then distributed them for analysis across the country.

The deceased has no known surviving relatives.

Entry #5:

This assignment promises to be a difficult one. Two people are already dead and one in the hospital in uncertain condition because of my target. The worst part is that I don’t even know who my target is.

On the surface the assignment looks surprisingly simple. My job is to protect a politician who is being threatened, a governor to be precise. I am to find out who is threatening him, and either kill or capture the would-be assassin.

That is where the simplicities end. Normally the job wouldn’t even be looked at in our division, it is a matter that we would normally send to law enforcement officials, but the peculiarities of this case has caused us to take an interest in it.

About a month ago the governor of a certain state received a letter threatening his life. The letter stated that the governor’s life was in jeopardy because of a veto, but it did not state which one, just that the governor would know before he died. The police examined the letter in detail, but could find no evidence that would help them find the author. Other agencies were then called in to look at the letter, but they too were unable to find anything useful from it.

Exactly one week after the letter was received the first attempt was made on the life of the governor. He was getting out of his limousine to attend some public function, when a single shot rang out. The governor got lucky that day, but another man lost his life. By the time police got to where the shot had originated the would-be assassin was gone.

The second attempt was made one week after the first. This time it was after the event and the governor was trying to get back into his limo. More shots rang out the second time. The first took down one of the security staff, killing him instantly. The second shot got the governor in the arm. The third shot got another man from security, who was blocking the governor. That security man is still in the hospital, fighting for his life.

No other attempts have been made that we are aware of. The security detail at the home of the governor has not reported any disturbances. It seems that the gunman likes to try during public appearances.

That is all that I know at this time. I need to do some research and see if I can get some kind of profile together.


This guy is good. So far the only trace that he has left of himself is the bullets in the people that he shot.

We were able to get the letter and perform our own analysis of it. The paper was your standard office supply paper, and it was printed on the type of laser printer that almost every office has. There were no fingerprints on the paper, or envelope. There weren’t even any dead skin cells that we might have been able to analyze.

The next things that we analyzed were the bullets. They were shot from the same gun, but that is all that we can determine. There is nothing special about the bullets; they are standard hunting rounds available at any outdoorsman supply shop. The gun is either unregistered or has been re-rifled, because the rifling does not match any registered rifle pattern, and it has never been used in a crime before.

The only profile that we are able to construct is that the gunman was probably in law enforcement. He would have left the force recently, because he is up to date on all of the latest detection technologies. Other than that we don’t have enough data to construct anything more definitive.


I toured the scenes of the first two assassination attempts today. The gunman shot from the tops of buildings, buildings that were usually crowded. He used the high traffic volume to escape into the crowd when his attempt was finished.

I also got a chance to look at the governor’s schedule for the next few weeks, and I think that I can pinpoint another time when the assassin might try to strike. I am headed tomorrow to scope out the site.


My tour of the next possible site was delayed until afternoon today. The governor received another letter this morning.

The letter explains that the first two attempts went exactly to plan. It also blames the governor for the deaths of the security personnel. “You vetoed the bill that would have saved the lives of those men. You denied added safety to every law enforcement officer in this state when you vetoed the bill that would have paid for new and improved body armor for every officer on the streets.

I leave you with the deaths of your own security personnel on your conscience. And now that you know what you have done wrong I will be content in killing you.”

Tomorrow is the day.


I arrived early that morning to the place that I thought that the gunman would make his attempt from. It was a crowded office building overlooking a park that the governor would be making a speech in sometime during the morning.

I hid myself behind an air conditioning unit and waited for the gunman.

The gunman arrived about half an hour before the governor was to give his speech. He was wearing all gray, to blend in with the metal of the skyscrapers, even wearing a gray mask. I allowed him to set up and watched him wait for the right time to make his move. A small radio that he brought with him allowed him to hear the governor’s speech.

The governor neared the end of his speech and I saw the gunman prepare to strike. That is when I started to move. I had a wire in my hands, I was going to sneak up behind the gunman and strangle him until he passed out. That would allow for capture, which is really what everybody wanted. Nature, however, had other plans.

As I snuck along the roof, trying to get behind the gunman, my shoe scraped on a piece of gravel. The gunman whirled and let loose one shot. I was thrown back as the bullet ripped into my shoulder.

Then everything seemed to go into slow motion. I watched the gunman cock the gun, readying it for another shot. I felt myself reach into my boot, for the knife that I kept there. I threw the knife and watched it spin through the air as the gunman brought the gun up to fire. Finally, I saw the knife pierce the eye of the gunman, and the gun fall from his hands.

I waited as time returned to normal. My shoulder felt like it was on fire. I walked over to the gunman, who hadn’t moved in nearly a minute. I needed to kick the bastard that had shot me.

When I got to the gunman I retrieved my knife. Then I ripped off the mask that covered his face, to find a woman lying there. Clasped in the hand that was holding the gun I saw something. I pulled from the fingers a picture. In it were two men in police uniforms, I recognized them from newspaper stories following the bust of a drug house, they had both been killed in the shooting that had surrounded the bust. I no longer felt the need to kick.

I tried to make it back to the door. I needed to find a phone, needed to get medical attention. I didn’t make it. The last I remember of that rooftop is seeing the gravel up close and wondering why my feet had failed me.


I woke up in the hospital later that day. The doctors had already removed the bullet from my shoulder. My boss was waiting for me.

“The doctors say that you’ll need to rest that shoulder for some time, six months at least, maybe more.”

I had figured that already, hence the need to kick earlier. I only had one concern, “My job?”

“Waiting for your return.” Then he walked out.

The attempts on the life of the governor have come to an abrupt end. The would-be assassin was killed yesterday by one of the governor’s security detail. The officer was injured in the attempted arrest of the shooter, but is recovering.

The shooter was the wife and mother of two officers that were killed in last month’s drug house standoff…

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