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Word Bytes – Rejection Day

Word Bytes number 2, entered into this Writing Contest where the rules stated to come up with a phrase for a multitude of something. Once again 100 word limit. ------------------------------------------------------------- Her finger hovered over the mouse button. She knew what she would find when she double-clicked. She closed her eyes; her hand made the requisite motion. December first, every agent's nightmare. She cautiously opened her eyes again, hoping this year would be different. However, her wish was not granted. The number next to her inbox was higher than ever, the quorum of querists far exceeding the usual amount. With a despondent sigh she opened the first. “Dear Agent...” This day's not off to a good start, she thought as she prepared herself to send the ream of rejections.

Word Bytes – Witchcraft

The past few weeks I've been participating in fun little 100 word or less contests on Janet Reid's blog. It's a fun diversion, and a challenge for me since I rarely write so short. Anyway, rather than let them just disappear into the depths of blog comments I decided that somebody here might get a kick of how horrible different they are. So I'll try to remember to post them here after the contests close. And since they're so short I've decided to call them Word Bytes, kinda a pun on sound bites... you get it? No? Oh well. Below is the first one I entered to the Scariest Writer Writing Contest, have fun. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Witchcraft is a beautiful thing, however awaiting the witching hour is often a labor of love; the interminable pause before you see the moon shining bright in the midnight sky. I look up. The time is close at hand. A thin wisp of cloud obscures the disk hanging in the blackness. My gaze returns to the circle in front of me. Carefully gathered stones glimmer in intricate patterns. Silver light floods the clearing. I cross the threshold, my white gown trailing over the rocks, an ancient dagger in each hand. It's time. My blood will unleash eternal darkness.