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VHCKindleCoverSMThe Vampire Hunter Chronicles

In the dystopian future, the protection of mankind is in the hands of one of our most feared predators.

Karina is a vampire hunter, part of an elite squad charged with protecting the public from the most dangerous of enemies. She is also a vampire, forced to hunt her own kind.

For two-hundred years she has walked the night, searching for the one who created her. Can she both defend our world and find the love that was taken from her?



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HallanCoverFrontwebDark System – Hallan

In the year 2568 humans have started to settle in the newly colonized Meridia System. The three habitable planets have been long abandoned by the previous inhabitants of the system. Little do the humans know that the prior inhabitants left for a reason. Welcome to Hallan, the striking lavender waters and cobalt sands make this stunning planet a beacon for tourists and residents alike. The stunning beaches, however, are closed to residents and tourists nearly a year after the disappearance of nearly 4000 beachgoers. A team of investigators are dispatched to determine the cause for the disappearances, and to determine if the beaches are safe to reopen. What they discover is that things aren’t as tranquil on the paradise planet as they seem.



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fronttorncoverKindleTorn – Out of Print, Limited Copies Remaining

A love that can never happen, a war that must be waged

Maureen Banks was a stay-at-home mother until the man in black appeared in her home. Now she is training for a fight to the death against a man whom she has never met.



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