Women Drivers

Women Drivers


As people start to read this I can already envision some women rolling their eyes, and thinking sexist pig. Ha, haha. I am female. Therefore I can complain about women drivers all that I want. I am one!

Not that I don’t complain about driving habits of the other sex, too, but I seem to notice them paying attention to the road at least a majority of the time.

On that note, I believe that’s where I’ll start. Attentiveness. Women allow themselves to be distracted waaay too easily. Make-up, cell phone, kids, where is there room to focus on the road with all of those distractions. I’m sorry ladies, but the road should be the focus of your attention. If the other distractions start to take more of your attention than the road: GET OFF THE ROAD! Pull over and deal with it, don’t endanger your life of the lives of others.

Now on to the competitive edge of driving. Men are competitive drivers, but women are just as bad. Most women don’t like to think so, mostly because we usually don’t street race, or pull similar stunts. But women are competitive drivers. I have encountered more women blocking somebody changing lanes by speeding up and staying there, even though they are not comfortable at the higher speeds, or just speeding up because they cannot be behind somebody.

Women are also just too emotional for some situations, I have seen women go into road rage under very petty circumstances. One of the worst that I encountered was when I was riding with somebody at night. Another car came up too close behind and blinded the driver, when the other car passed the person I was riding with decided that she had to tailgate and try to blind the other driver for revenge. Somebody please tell me, what this reaction does except to create a very bad situation.

Now, since you’ve sifted through the complaints I will give some good things about women drivers. Most importantly, they don’t seem to have the need to show off to the other sex like men do. I have ridden with men who feel that they must prove their driving abilities in order to impress the girl. By the way to any men who read this: Stop it, most women don’t need to be impressed by your driving ability. Drive sane.

So on the good side, women don’t feel the need to impress as badly (at least in driving). This really does reduce some of the danger of their driving. Also there are always exceptions. There are some really good women drivers, those who are safe and considerate on the road. We all need to try and be better drivers, we need to try to stay focused and be understanding of any situations that arise on the road.