Low-flow Toilets

Might as well flush toilet technology
From summer 2004, uploaded summer 2005

Low flow toilets, what a concept. Less water required to get rid of the mess. Sounds like a good plan to me. Many city governments in the arid southwest agreed, and programs were instituted to place low flow toilets into houses and public buildings. Laws were passed that stated that any new construction would have the low-flow toilets and programs instituted to help homeowners upgrade from the old water wasting variety.
Everything seems fine and dandy until we see that not all low-flow toilets are equal. I have had the pleasure of using some that have a comfortable seat and the mess is disposed of in one flush. Of late, however, I have had the unfortunate experience of using the OTHER kind. The OTHER kind have uncomfortable seats that make your feet fall asleep in a matter of seconds, and take three or more flushes just to get the toilet paper down, not to mention turning the water clear again.
OK, I have dealt with uncomfortable seats before, but how are we saving water when the combined usage of the flushes required to clear the bowl exceeds any possible savings of water.
At this point I am sure that some people are thinking that there might be a water pressure problem. Let me assure you, there is not a water pressure problems in this building. The pressure is fine, it is the toilet.
Some other people may be thinking by now that just don’t know how to operate the toilet. Well I would love to know the trick to this one. I have dealt with other low-flow and regular flow toilets and never had the problems that I have with this toilet.

Now, anybody who has read this far is probably wondering why I am writing on this particular subject at all. I mean, how many people complain about toilets? Well, maybe we should discuss toilets more often, everybody uses them, no matter that what they are used for is generally left out of polite conversation.
So, why am I discussing this? I am discussing this because as more people switch to low-flow toilets they need to be aware that as in anything else comparison shopping is key. It might seem strange, but since the floor models at the home places are not generally working models, other methods are required to get a toilet that best fits your needs. So do your own research, compare notes with friends. While not a major investment a toilet is not just something that you want to replace because the one you buy doesn’t do it’s job.