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Welcome to The Tower

Humanity’s favorite reality game show.

Welcome to The Tower – the most popular reality game show of all time. Each contestant is given one tower, personalized to them, and filled with an assortment of money and valuable prizes. However, in order to claim their rewards they must survive long enough to escape. Those who do not exit in time will be killed in the collapse of their tower.

Will the newest contestant live or die?

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About The Tower

The Tower is humanity’s longest-running reality game show. Each contestant is given their own individualized tower that they must escape. All towers have 24 floors, and each run starts with an 8-hour timer. Those who fail to escape are killed in the destruction of the building.

The game is part obstacle course, part maze, and part scavenger hunt. Contestants start at the top and must unlock the secrets of each floor in order to proceed to the next. Along the way they can find money, prizes, timer extensions and occasionally shortcuts to bypass floors.

They have three friends, connected via augmented reality, who are invaluable lifelines as they offer advice and suggestions. Their runs, ending in either life or death, are broadcast live around the world.

About the Book

Sheryl Callaghan is the newest contestant on The Tower. She is willing to risk her life after having lost everything in a tragic accident. If she survives she’ll be wealthy beyond belief, if she doesn’t… there wasn’t anything left in her life anyway.

The training is brutal: endurance, strength, weapons, psychological. She watches her fellow contestants make their runs, mourning their loss or celebrating the rare victory.

Then it’s her turn. She’s trained, and she’s ready to face both the physical and psychological demands of her individualized building.

However, she soon learns that there is a shadow greater than death looming over the show. If she escapes will she be able to face the truth?

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